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Fascinating Facts of Life



-18 days in your mother's womb, your heart starts to beat, soon eyes start to develop.

-20 days: The foundations of your brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are in place.

-28 days: Your muscles are developing along your future spine. Arms and legs are budding.

-30 days: You have grown 10,000 times your original size to 1/4" long. The brain has human proportions. Blood is flowing in your veins, separate from your mother's.

-35 days: Your mouth, ears and nose take shape.

-42 days: Your skeleton is formed. The brain coordinates the movements of muscles and organs. Reflex responses have begun.

-43 days: Your brain waves can be recorded!

-8 weeks: Every organ is present. Your heart beats steadily. Your stomach produces digestive juices. Your liver and kidneys begin to function. Your taste buds are forming!

-8 1/2 weeks: Your fingerprints are forming. Your eyelids and the palms of your hands are sensitive to touch.

-10 weeks: Your body is sensitive to touch. You squint, swallow and frown.

-12 weeks: You can kick, turn feet, curl and fan your toes, make a fist, bend your wrists, turn your head, open the mouth and press lips tightly. You are starting to breath.

-4 months: You can grasp with hands, swim and turn somersaults. Your mom will soon feel your movements.

-6 months: Fine hair grows on your eyebrows and head. You can survive a premature birth at this age!

-7 months: Your eyelids open and close, and you can look around. Your hands grip stongly and you can hear and even recognize your mother's voice.

-9 months: You are born!



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